Feb 23, 2014


(Skirt: Giza X Joyrich // Jacket: Vintage // Jewelry: Giza & Her Tiny Teeth // Polish: Floss Gloss)

I've always been infatuated with both Giza and Joyrich, so when they came out with this collab I instantly fell in love. The color palette of gold, white and light turquoise is so dreamy and perfect to wear with tons of gold jewelry. The print of this skirt couldn't be any better, everything from the poodle to the bamboo hoops is perfect.

I wore this skirt with a vintage feather jacket that I recently bought, and haven't let out of my sight for more than 10 minutes and to sleep. Well, not actually... but have you ever found a garment that is your dreams in physical form? This is that garment.

Feb 2, 2014


Last week I flew up to San Fran to work with one of my absolute favorite companies, DOLLS KILL. It's always such a blast getting to be around the Dolls Kill family. They have a super rad head quarters, in which one room is full of cute signatures, quotes and drawings from everyone who visits. Naturally, I had to leave my mark 

 Here's a few photos from my trip!

Hanna Beth and I had crepe babies

 Shoddy and Ari, the Dolls Kill queens, have a wall full of really sick religious artwork. The second picture is holographic!