Oct 8, 2014


Jersey: Vegetal

French brand Vegetal creates the perfect jerseys. Most styles come in men's and women's cuts, so there's definitely something for everyone. I got mine a little big so I can wear it as a dress ~ I can't begin to tell you how comfy it is. It's one of those pieces you can easily throw on, accessorize and it's instantly/effortlessly perfect.

I'm wearing the Ruby jersey, which can be found HERE

xo, Natasha Lillipore

Oct 6, 2014



Photography: Natasha Lillipore
Styling: Alanna Pearl



Photography: Natasha Lillipore
Styling: Alanna Pearl

Sep 29, 2014


After bleaching and coloring my hair for years, I finally went back to my natural color in May. Not one day has gone by where I've regretted coloring it brown, but every once in a while it would be fun to have a little more color. 

I recently got my paws on this beautiful wig from UniWigs ~ It's a 100% human hair glue-less lace front. I got it in the lightest shade of blonde and colored it with a mixture of pink hair color and conditioner (you can find tons of tutorials on youtube!). It came out a little brighter than I had hoped, but another wash and it'll be perfect. The wig that I have is the Dolly wig, which you can find at the link below:

The wig is constructed beautifully and is extremely comfortable to wear. I had it on for a few hours while getting ready and shooting this and it stayed in place the whole time. There's nothing worse than a shifty wig! Especially if you're planning on wearing it out. I really love that you don't need any glue to wear this, but it still looks super natural. Being that it's 100% human hair, you can change the style easily as well.

I definitely hope to play with more of these beauties soon! I already have my eyes on a few ^.^

Also, UniWigs was super nice and offered all of my followers a discount code! Use code NATASHA40 to receive $40 off any purchase of $300 or more on uniwigs.com

xo, Natasha Lillipore

Sep 20, 2014


Shoes: Privileged

I've been on a bit of a hiatus lately, but I'm back! LA has been hotter than ever, so I've been trying to keep myself busy with work. I even had the opportunity to do makeup on a few shoots recently! When I moved to LA I stepped back from pursuing makeup for many reasons, but it's nice to do it every once in a while for cool projects. Also got to style one of my friend's for a shoot tonight. It's fun and really fulfilling to be able to do all of the things that interest me, even if it's just once in a blue moon.

Anyways, I'll be doing more updates throughout the week :)

Natasha Lillipore

Sep 11, 2014


Hair is everything. And I mean everything. For me, it's something I've always been very particular about. Mostly because I just want bomb, beautiful, big hair ~ but to still maintain a healthy mane. "Vintage" hair has always been a huge source of inspiration to me. Seeing the way women from past eras would style their hair blows my mind! Bouffant hair styles of the 1960's are particularly my favorite.  

I had the pleasure of teaming up with Tony Medina of His Vintage Touch and let me tell you, he is so out of this world talented. Tony is an expert at recreating vintage styles from almost any era imaginable. He is one of the sweetest, most down to earth and inspiring people I've met in a long time. And holy hell can he create some incredible big hair!! 

He knows how much I love Dolly Parton, so he created this outstanding Dolly inspired look for me! Here are some photos from our shoot (I don't normally post 800 photos, but who could resist when the hair and location is so good?!?!)

xo, Natasha Lillipore

Aug 26, 2014


Made By Niki kills it again with their AW14 collection, titled Hansel & Gretel. I love all of the delicate pink candy floss pieces in this collection!